This is WAR: We are rising

Why are you running for office?  As a woman who loves God, loves people, and loves this beautiful country, I have watched as extremists have risen, dictating what we say and how we feel.  As they speak, our values and rights slowly but surely are being stripped and buried, and I cannot merely be a spectator. Now, more than ever, our country is in dire need of people who love America and will make the right decisions for her. Decisions that keep America as the superpower and strong ally it is, and always has been. We need people that will stand up and execute plans that boost our economy, build the wall, pause immigration, modify unemployment, and restore America to her glory. I’m choosing to run because I want to serve, and fight for all of us to see the country and people I love flourish.


What Qualifies you to run for office?  While some may look at my resume and not see your typical qualifications, like many other successful leaders before me, I understand both the power in making the vision clear and how to build the right team to run with it. As a self-starter businesswoman with many successful ventures, I know how to hire the right person for each position to get the job done and understand that execution is crucial. I have a plan surrounding the issues on water, economics, small-business, protection of our rights, and the necessity of border protection, without ignoring the need for migrant workers on special work visas for farmers. Much like the qualifications of our founding fathers, I, too, possess the same passion for seeing this nation thrive along with the discernment and vision to create change that works in favor of the American people.


What is your stance on vaccine mandates? I am vehemently against VAX mandates and believe there must be a ban in place to give people the right to choose. To mandate something that is still in the trial and experimental phase without tangible and substantial evidence of any long-term effects that allow people to make an educated decision as it pertains to their personal health, is unconstitutional.


What is your position on guns? I support the Constitution of the United States which includes the Second Amendment. Law- abiding citizens are not the ones that require harsh consequences nor should their right to bear arms as Americans be stripped. Rather, there needs to be laws in place that ensure it is criminals obtaining guns illegally the face proper consequence. 


Was there fraud in the 2020 election? Absolutely. We see from investigations that the data and evidence that has and continues to come forth prove that fraud occurred.


What is your stance on voter ID? I believe that it is one of the necessary steps in eliminating voter fraud and protecting voter integrity. Every person needs to present a valid ID to be sure that every vote cast is counted accurately and upholds the rights as Americans in our beautiful, democratic country.


Anything else you want the reader to know about you? I am sitting before you without the resume you typically look for in a candidate.

I have something different. I have the passion, drive and determination of a small business owner that loves her country and knows what it takes to establish and execute a plan no matter the obstacles. I know the power of walking out a strategy step by step and bringing along individuals with the same mindset and ability to execute. This is not about me. This is about our families, our children, our rights-- this is about America. I’m now looking to you to stand with me. It’s time for an Army of Patriots to rise up!


You stated at your launch that you declared war on human trafficking. Please explain.   Every 30 seconds a child goes missing. That is approximately 720 children per day and 262,800 children annually. Las Vegas is in the top 5 cities in human trafficking for the entire United States. These are not just numbers: this is someone’s daughter, someone’s son, grandchild, and sibling. It’s someone’s loved one. Having a family member missing is one of the worst feelings imaginable. I would know-my sister went missing 3 years ago and we still don’t know where she is. We aren’t sure that it is specifically human trafficking, but the lack of resolution is the same and it creates a void that feels like it’s ever expanding, the longer we go without closure. So, this fight is very personal to me on many levels.

Human trafficking needs to be at the forefront of our focus with harsh consequences and strategies to break open this worldwide modern day slavery operation. We need to aggressively be putting together teams and gaining intelligence on the housing, tactics, and whereabouts of these criminals to ensure capture. We also need teams equipping children and potential targets for self-defense, we need education among parents and kids to spot coercion, and we need dedicated officers and cooperation with police nationwide to take down this trafficking ring. Entire teams must be dedicated to this daily! Personally, I have worked with an organization called Worth Fighting For here in Las Vegas that is educating, equipping, and empowering individuals to fight back. In cooperation with Metro, they have done sting operations and helped rescue kids on Super Bowl Sunday, one of the biggest events for trafficking of the year. It must be stopped. These criminals are getting rich, and their commodity is our children and our family members. This is just the beginning, and I will spend tireless hours to get the right programs and collaborations in place to end this war and keep our children safe.

What are the top three threats to the United States?

The first is leadership that is solely focused on their personal and individual agenda. Have you ever noticed how politicians run on the same exact issue year after year without a solution? This has become blatantly apparent by the lack of results and the drawing out of resolution on pertinent issues. The longer this is allowed to continue the more money they make while the citizens pay the price. We need result-oriented leaders with character and who know how to work hard and efficiently.

The second is apathy. There are so many issues in our state and our country that have long needed to be addressed. From border security to the severe unemployment issue, to migrant worker reform, and water issues. Additionally, there needs to be a fierce fight to ban mandates as well as protect freedoms. These are not issues we can merely become apathetic bystanders on, they all need to be addressed and reformed now.

Third, we need to reduce foreign dependence. During the pandemic we saw how many areas of manufacturing suffered due to the lack of products and supplies that are made here in the United States because of copious outsourcing, and this needs to be remedied now. We need to put incentives in place to draw manufacturers back stateside so that we can create jobs, increase our economic independence, and ensure our crops and medicines are being made right here in the US.


Do you have a closing statement?  This is the fight of our lives. We must resist, we must rise up together for the future of the United States of America!



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